Cockpit Covers

Integrity 33

  • Covers Pictured – Cockpit Clears with Mesh Inserts, Cockpit Clear Doors
  • Materials Used – Achilles Rollglass Clear, Batyline ISO Mesh in Platinum Grey , Stam 6002 in Feather

Job Insight: The customer was keen to keep the pesky insects out, stay dry when it rains, and to stay cooler on hot sunny days. The solution was to make cockpit covers with mesh inserts into clear windows. The clear windows could be unzipped and rolled up independently of the mesh from the inside of the cockpit, allowing fresh air but keeping it free from insects and the harsh sun. In the rain, with the windows and clear doors closed, it’s dry and cosy. In those winter months where the sun is welcome, the whole lot can be rolled up. Perfect for every occasion!