Bonded Acrylic Clears

Kong Halvorsen 57

  • Covers Pictured – Bonded Acrylic Clears

Fun fact: Acrylic clear is semi rigid therefore you can’t roll up the windows like a PVC based product. To solve this problem, we create a ‘hinge’ so the window can hinge up to open inwards and attach to some fittings on the roof inside.

Riviera 47

  • Covers Pictured – Flybridge Clears with Bonded Acrylic front
  • Materials Used – Acrylic front clear with Regalite used for the sides and aft clear

Marlow 70

  • Covers Pictured – Bonded Acrylic Front Clears
  • Materials Used – Acrylic clear, Stamoid Top trim in Sand