Award Winning Design

Earlier this year, Shane was invited to the MFA (Marine Fabricators Association) conference and workshop in Savannah, Georgia USA. Along with fellow trimmers David & Andrea Elliott from Davids Custom Trimmers in QLD, Azz & Kym Stroud-Smith from Canvas Barn in Victoria, and Neil & Kerri Hancock from Aussie Boat Covers in Victoria, they ran a couple of workshops to show how we do things here in Australia. They were very well received, with the Americans very keen to learn new styles and techniques, some of which they hadn’t seen before.

A dinner and awards ceremony was held afterwards, and we are very chuffed to say that SB Marine Trimming came home with 3 awards! Shane entered 2 of his spray dodger designs and won an Outstanding Achievement for one, and an Award of Excellence for the other. Just when he thought it was all finished, he got called up for the overall Award of Distinction for Exterior Covers!

It was a great experience to see the different style the Americans have, as well as the diverse climatic challenges they face from state to state. There is a strong movement towards the digital side of trimming using laser measuring with digital plotting and cutting, something we don’t have huge amount of here. As far as spray dodger design and fabrication goes however, SB Marine Trimming is leading the way!